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If you want your social media marketing to be productive, you might need to reinvest in the right tools to get the job done. Social media marketing is no more a choice but a requirement for any business or marketer who wants to succeed. Companies having an online presence need to be on social media […]


  • If you want your social media marketing to be productive, you might need to reinvest in the right tools to get the job done.

    Social media marketing is no more a choice but a requirement for any business or marketer who wants to succeed. Companies having an online presence need to be on social media to connect with their customers, who follow brands via social media, more effectively. 

    Social media demands lots of attention, and so it’s a daunting task to manage multiple social media accounts and regularly post fresh content on each. For that, businesses need social media tools to manage accounts and content with ease.

    These top social media tools can assist your businesses to succeed in social media marketing. 


    ContentCal is an easy-to-use visual tool with custom approvals for creating content and publishing it. It consists of a Content Hub for all the social content brands aim to share. The marketing team can use the Content Hub to develop, plan and deliver social media strategy. 

    A brand’s social media strategy begins at the Library, where they can precisely craft the content, share ideas with the team, and save those ideas for progression at a later stage. With the Web Clipper extension, the brands can immediately send additional relevant online sources into the Content Hub Library with just a few clicks. 

    The Content Hub has a section called ‘Previous Posts’ where all published content lies. This section improves their posts with fresh captions and reshares them with their social networks. 


    Sprinklr’s suite of products includes Sprinklr Social Cloud, which helps enterprises to serve and connect with their consumers across all channels at scale. It allows the teams in the organisation to cooperate efficiently and engage, listen and reach their consumers on more than 25 social channels.  

    Marketers can plan their campaigns and access actual data on all their campaigns, as Sprinklr enables omnichannel planning for additional non-social campaigns across a complete timeline. Marketers can save their time with the use of an intuitive system to generate replies while conversing with audiences.

    HubSpot’s Social Inbox Tool

    HubSpot’s Social Inbox tool saves time while developing business social efforts. Businesses have the option to schedule posts, combine their social networks with their blog, and observe messages and mentions to bring up new leads. 

    HubSpot also combines marketing with CRM, so it’s effortless to figure out how many customers and leads a brand receives directly from social media. 

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    Google Trends

    Google Trends is entirely a free tool to assist anyone searching online for trending topics. Brands can use it to be aware of what all is happening in the world. Many use Google trends as a way to discover and share data linked to recent trending news.

    Businesses can use Google Trends to monitor keywords to understand if they are trending and how their current volume correlates to past months and years. This information can then be used to notify the brand’s content and social media marketing strategy.


    Hootsuite is the most prominent social media management tool. It is used by around 15 million people and more than 800 of the Fortune 1000 companies. It’s an all-in-one platform that enables businesses to schedule and curate content, run social media ads, measure social ROI, and much more. 

    This platform is a top choice for many, connecting with over 35 social networks, monitoring many keywords and accounts, with the option of bulk scheduling social media posts.


    BuzzSumo lets the brands find the most shared content and trending influencers. It can analyse which content performs better. Brands just need to search for a domain or a topic to start.  

    With the help of BuzzSumo, businesses can collect a better perspective of their impact on social media and generate more active content strategies by finding out customer engagement. 

    Brands can also see which articles perform well all over the internet without regularly controlling multiple social channels.


    Sendible is a social media management tool created particularly for agencies with several clients. Apart from all the social media management tools it offers, Sendible lets the businesses customise their dashboard as per the branding to attract new clients.

    Sendible has exciting combinations like Canva graphics editor, YouTube search, and royalty-free image search. It also offers automation to save time on repetitive tasks.


    This tool has various features such as analytics, social listening, social media content scheduling, among many others. It resembles a team or project management platform where brands can assign tasks to their team and maintain track of their content-related activities. 

    Besides, it also comes with a built-in CRM tool to help manage customers and maintain a record of their past conversations with them. This tool lets businesses manage content for all social media handles from one dashboard. 


    This can be used to manage all social media accounts from one place. Businesses can use this tool to reply to all the social media messages and comments from one place in real-time. This can also be used to manage clients, team, and tasks from a sole dashboard. It also lets the brands share and explore content easily and quickly.

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    HypeAuditor eliminates all the fake followers from Instagram accounts to help businesses determine organic reach. It also examines audiences’ list to figure out their whereabouts, gender and age, and ghost followers.

    Sprout Social

    Like Hootsuite, Sprout Social also integrates various social media tools into one platform — from social media scheduling and reporting to monitoring. Sprout Social is a few social media management tools that offer CRM features and help brands serve their customers better and establish strong bonds with them. 


    A streamlined, intuitive social media management platform, Buffer is trusted by individuals, agencies, businesses and brands to help to make important engagement and effects on social media. 

    They have a series of products for team collaboration, analytics, engagement and publishing. The products are thoroughly examined and highly filtered so as to help social media marketers and teams to work more productively and efficiently. 


    Businesses can use these social media tools to ace their social media marketing and effectively manage all social media accounts. 


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